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teamWork CRM

Few of the problems that most client encountered before using the system, are that essential information is hosted on multiple systems, causing multiple data duplications resulting in wasted time and resources. Furthermore, when different departments work individually instead of integrating their processes and communication to address customer needs, more data redundacies will appear, and will require extra effort and costs to sort out the information. Lastly, when key customer data is updated manually, it will lead to higher risk of miscommunication, misfilling and even loss of customer's records. teamwork CRM solution helps customers to easily solve all their problems & manage work efficiently.

teamwork CSS

teamWork Corporate Secretarial Solution Clients encounter various problems before using the system whereby their data requires manual updating in Excel and even data duplication across various different companies and individuals.

teamwork XRM

TWXRM, is a cloud-based Business Management Solution.  It assists small and medium companies to minimise the paperwork and reduce the costs by introducing online forms and database management for their workflow processes. Instead of paying an employee every month to consolidate and process the companies’ data from other methods, companies can just use TWXRM to track all companies and stakeholders online, with an option of convenient export to other software or integration. Human errors are also eliminated in the process as key data stored in TWXRM will be locked & only editable by authorised users. The issue of identity / data duplication will also be eradicated completely due to our in-built logic to resolve this common issue. TWXRM also assists companies to maintain their company and individual registers in the system.


A software for Construction Companies that enables Company, Customers and Team to stay focused on their work and let software manage their Sites, Projects, and Clientele effectively and efficiently. Integrated with Video Management System (VMS) and Video Analytics (VA) provides a transparent professional work environment with efficient systems that boost employee productivity and efficiency.

Axxon One

Infotrust provides Video Analytics Solution that creates multiple benefits in your business & security intelligence through AI powered deep learning algorithms.

Deskera ERP

Deskera ERP tool delivers fully integrated, fully compliant and quick to deploy ERP software for growing and mid-size businesses. The ERP tool because of its modular and flexible structure enables quick implementation and allows organizations to go live in days rather than months.

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