Professional Firms Get AI Boost for their Clients

Singapore, 7 March 2022 – InfoTrust, a Singapore-based, award-winning ICT company, is embarking on a journey to build internal competencies in AI to disrupt traditional professional services such as corporate reporting solutions. The primary goal is for InfoTrust to build a suite of AI solutions using predictive and prescriptive analytics, to boost its existing suite of solutions for the Singapore market as a start.

  • Financial and Risk Analysis
  • Board Effectiveness
  • Internal Audit Controls
  • Market Insights

While large organizations are spending millions of dollars on data scientists to process data for decision making, InfoTrust spends a fraction of it with Prof Nazri’s expertise in two ways:

  • Help build their own natural language architecture with existing personnel with a “no code low code” platform
  • Adopt a design thinking approach when identifying pain points and coming up with solutions that can be powered by AI

“InfoTrust is pleased to acquire the expertise of Prof Nazri to bring value to our clients by developing our people first on how to harness the power of data,” explains Gyanendra Kumar, the founder and CEO of InfoTrust Singapore Pte Ltd“In our case, our subsidiary, teamWork APAC Pte. Ltd (TW), provides Business Process Automation (BPA) solutions to professional services firms in their corporate reporting and filing work for their clients. TW stands to benefit a great deal from Prof Nazri’s expertise. We can now provide value to customers by harnessing data from our existing filing and information repository with predictive and prescriptive analytics. People can definitely make better decisions objectively, independently and in a timely manner,” he elaborates. InfoTrust is confident that the use of AI can help professional services firms in the following areas:

  • prepare well for AGM with machine-generated scenarios and proposed responses
  • strengthen their clients’ internal audit controls
  • determine counterparty risks and/or develop competitive insights

According to Prof Nazri, “One of my top priorities for InfoTrust and teamWork collectively is to equip 80% of their workforce with AI competencies by understanding deeply what their clients’ pain points are, using AI. We then ensure a strong balance of human-machine interface by using AI-generated results with human touch. People can communicate with one another; and we guide users with system-generated roadmaps and track the progress of goals.”“InfoTrust is filled with dedicated, hardworking and talented people. I don’t see issues in making them an AI-ready workforce within a year with such positive mindset,” he quipped.InfoTrust, through their subsidiary teamWork, is soft launching their AI solutions starting 11 March for their preferred clientele as part of a special promotion. By June 2022, there will be a full rollout of their AI services for the public.

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